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Tytera MD-2017

Main Functions

Frequency range TX (transmitter):144,000-145.995 MHz /430-439.995 MHz
Frequency range RX (receiver):144,000-145.995 MHz /430-439.995 MHz
Transmission power: 1W / 5W switchable
Modes: FM (analog) / DMR (digital)

Features & programmable functions
Compatible with MOTOTRBO ™ Tier I and II
GPS integrated
Weatherproof (IP-67 housing)
Colored LC display
Illuminated DTMF keyboard
Trackball control
CTCSS & DCS (in analog mode)
Single call & group call
text messages
Time division multiple access (TDMA)
Digital S-meter display
VOX function
Display of battery capacity
Low battery warning
Time-Out Timer function
Programmable keyboard lock
LED indicator for TX / RX
3000 channels
1000 contacts
RemoteKill / Stun / Activate
Programmable function data (side)
And many other features
Programmable via PC
Software for free download on the manufacturer's website www.tyt888.com
Connection for external audio accessories
System connectors (audio accessories available)
Antenna connection: SMA
Power supply: Battery pack LB-75 (Li-Ion / 2200 mAh)
Battery included
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD):64x131.5x36.8(without protruding parts & antenna)
Weight: 360g (with battery & antenna)

Prijs zonder GPS € 239,00
Prijs met GPS € 259,00

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